Go bowling

Ok so let’s continue our list of things to do in the off season. You have to give this a try unless you really hate bowling LOL. Everyone can have fun at the bowling alley. If you haven’t done it why not give it a try? Hey I’m lucky if I can bowl a 125 but still have fun bowling. So once again, courtesy of the Cape May Herald lets Go Bowling!!

6. Go bowling.

Let out your pent-up energy with the classic indoor activity of bowling, which can be enjoyed by family members and friends of all ages. Both Island Bowl in Wildwood and Mouse Trap Lanes in Woodbine are great places for family entertainment, friends’ night out or date night. Both bowling alleys have an arcade and lounge for some post-match fun, and both offer multiple specials throughout the week.

So that wraps up our “Things to do in the off season” here in Cape May County. Hope you try some of them.

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